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Main Productivity

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Our company is the one which has modernized workshops with annual production capacity of more than one hundred tons. There is a specialized production base covering an area of 120 acres, a well-equipped R&D center occupying an area of 1,000 square meters, 70 compound laboratories and 10000-class super clean workshops covering an area of 18,000 square meters. The organic intermediate of our company has a production capacity of about 120 tons per year. And we have established different functional divisions such as the production management department and quality control department.  Having access to the complete public utilities and the main production workshops including water-making, power, synthesis and cooling as well as auxiliary production workshops, we can organize production in strict accordance with customers’ requirements and ensure the quality of products.


Reaction Kettle Devices: Steam heating equipment, pipeline equipment, cranes, diaphragm pumps, vacuum pumps, saline water refrigerating machine, ethanol refrigerating machine, raw material grinding tank and etc.


 High-temperature reaction kettles: 30-40 sets

Ultra-low-temperature reaction kettles:15 sets

 uPost-treatment equipment

Several stainless steel crystallization tanks(100-200l)

Several water segregators (stainless steel)

Several  centrifuges

Several filters (enamel, PTFE)

4 sets of insulation chromatography columns (water bath or steam heating)

Several double-cone dryers (or horizontal dryer)

rectifying tower

uAuxiliary equipment

Liquid nitrogen tank (available nitrogen)

Cyclical water cooling tower


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